About Us

At Nomad Collective, we design and curate journey pieces. Your story is the journey and your destination is always moving. At the heart of Nomad Collective, we aspire to bring meaning into your modern day stride. Humanity’s desire to explore is colliding with the deep conviction that there is more. So in being fueled by a sense of discovery, stagnancy is not an option.

Individuality — Your nomad road is unique. Own it, love it, and mark each significant step.

Belonging — A tribe of heroes have walked this before. We are invited into more. You belong on the journey.

Purpose — You were given a name and a choice to be free. No one but you can express the image you bring.  


Founder Story
After uprooting from my native land, I attempted to re-root into new soil, culture, and way of living. It was in this new country, that I was initiated into the roles of wife, mother, leader, friend, and citizen. A search for identity ran deep. Context was unfamiliar and all was uncharted terrain. 
While pregnant with my first child, fears of the unknown were comforted by the lineage of women who had gone before me facing the very same natural path of uncertainty. Moving over 10 times between two continents with four children, the struggle to belong in one place was eclipsed by a desire to belong on the journey. A narrative began to build. As if an echo from a collective of mothers whispered, ”you are made for this.” And the echo encouragement became a rhythm in times to follow.
Contrary to what I expected to happen, my roots transformed into tent pegs and my possessions as if replaceable terra-cotta. No longer did I feel at home in the original soil of my motherland or in the soil of a new country. I had begun a new course of kinship beyond what I could see. Caught between two countries, I grew an unpredicted sense of belonging in that space. I searched, questioned, and rediscovered a path that’s existed for ages. A path dusted over by civilization and the day-to-day routine. The path spanned across the generations, but is still inviting humanity to follow.
Hence Nomad Collective was born. Separate from country of origin, cultures, and languages, a tribe of humanity has united. A people who hears that earthy drumbeat and dances on the dust of their journey with a kinship to those who have gone before. I discovered that living like a nomad wasn’t about being an aimless wanderer. It’s a privilege of adventure that is passed on by a lineage of pioneers, artists and craftsmen.
My Nomadic Family

Birthed in Southern Africa and currently based in Northern California.

We look forward to connecting with you!